Preparing for a new leadership role

I am at a crossroads in my career.  About to turn a corner.  I am not certain what lies around that corner, but I know there will be a greater quantity, and a wider range, of challenges.  Right now, it feels that this new road around the corner might be much more hazardous, too.

Earlier this year I applied for a new Grades 6 – 12 Associate Principal position at my current school.  My application was successful.

Up until now I have been a HOD for grades 6-12 Mathematics, which does entail decision-making and leadership.  But within a specialized area, about which I know more than enough to get by.

Now, suddenly, I find myself in the position of not being sure I know enough to get by. Or perhaps, being very sure I don’t know enough to get by.  I have not even started the new job yet, but just over the last week, there were three occasions when I wondered, and even doubted, whether I really do have the right skills for this new “adventure”.  So now begins my new project:

  • search for, and hopefully find, my style of leadership
  • become familiar with student handbooks, and make sure I internalize the rules and systems
  • become more knowledgeable about educational leadership and theory
  • observe and analyze behaviors of current leaders in my professional life

I have had some book recommendations and today I saw a TED talk on Leadership that resonated with me.   I will be blogging about these in the months ahead, hoping to discover how I fit in as a leader.

About eadurkin

Originally a HS Mathematics teacher from New Zealand, currently working as Associate Principal in the Secondary School at Canadian Academy, an international school in Kobe, Japan. Married with two children.
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