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Claim, Support, Question with lower ability classes

After using the Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate thinking routine, from Making Thinking Visible, as a review exercise for my IB Mathematical Studies Students, I decided to introduce the new unit with the Claim, Support, Question routine. This fitted in well with what we … Continue reading

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Generate-sort-connect-elaborate with lower ability classes

I have been reading Making Thinking Visible, and participating in a weekly online chat, #makthinkvis with another mathematics teacher, @pamjwilson. We are nearing the end of the book study, and are both at the stage where we are trying out … Continue reading

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Trig graphs: See, Think, Wonder

I have two classes of MYP 5 Plus mathematics, which we call Integrated Mathematics 10+ at our school. To follow the previous day’s spaghetti task, I posted the graphs of the three trig functions the students had created, and asked … Continue reading

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Pressure + Urgency + Teamwork = Productivity

Today in class I introduced my grade 10 math students to the three basic trig functions using the spaghetti activity.  My version was much simpler than the link: three different groups each produced one of y = sin(x), y = … Continue reading

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