My Focus

As I move into a new role this coming year, I want to make sure I focus on what is important, and not be overtaken by weeds. Too often the immediate and urgent tasks trump the important.

First, I need to decide what my areas of focus will be. I need to consider what is important to me for this year; and intend to consider both my work and home life.

So, here goes: a list of what I want to focus on, and the strategies I will use to maintain the foci.

Teacher supervision & evaluation
Smooth running of the school (duty schedules, detentions, and other structural
Visiting teachers and classrooms
Devote time regularly to professional reading
Hold initial goal meetings with teachers and explain how I want to encourage reflective teaching
Schedule time to go into classrooms. This is vital. I need to adhere to the schedule, as well, and give data feedback. In addition I need to set aside time to meet with teachers on a regular basis.
Consult stakeholders when making schedules etc
Set aside time (one hour every Sat & Sun) to devote to focused professional reading.

My children
My husband
Japanese language
Spend at least 2 hours per Sat & Sun playing with each of them
Go out with Peter at least once per month.
Make a weekly focus on either Kanji, vocab, or grammar and spend at least one hour per weekend on that focus, in addition to homework.
Cross-train. Run up Sumiyoshi river once per weekend. Run on at least one other day of the week. Go to the gym every other day except Friday.

About eadurkin

Originally a HS Mathematics teacher from New Zealand, currently working as Associate Principal in the Secondary School at Canadian Academy, an international school in Kobe, Japan. Married with two children.
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