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Beyond Blogging

I am offering a PD session based on the recent #BeyondBlogging workshop I attended in Yokohama, extremely capably run by Rebekah Madrid (@ndbekah) & Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher). I have wanted to take the time to pen my thoughts from the … Continue reading

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When should you teach children and when should you let them explore?

I read with interest, the article in The Economist last week recounting an experiment where 4-5 year old kids were to play with a toy, having been given different amounts of information about the toy from an adult. The results … Continue reading

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Online discussion boards for Skills based classes

I read with interest the article Making Online Discussion Boards Work for Skills-Based Courses, by Rob Kelly. As I am very interested in incorporating discussion boards and blogs in my mathematics classroom, I am eager to see what the voices … Continue reading

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Critical thinking with web 2.0 tools

There are numerous definitions of critical thinking.  The one that I have chosen appeared to be the optimum statement in terms of being thorough but concise. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze facts, generate and organize ideas, defend opinions, make … Continue reading

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Why should Educators Blog?

I identified strongly with Dr Michelle Everson’s thoughts on blogging in her article which appeared in “eLearn” Magazine at the end of 2010.  The principal advantages in blogging for Michelle are the opportunity to reflect and record as well as … Continue reading

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What is Information Media Literacy?

For my VHS Web 2.0 collaboration course, I have used Webspiration to map my understanding of Information Media Literacy. This is my Webspiration diagram. Structure As I read the articles and thought about what IML entails in a Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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