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The Perfect Unit Planner

When I recently attended the PTC “Curriculum Leadership in the International School” my burning question was “How can we get teachers to enjoy and see the value in unit planning?” Whilst unit planning is a necessity, often teachers don’t see … Continue reading

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Important to me

… quality time with the family … learning new things in my job …. treating others with respect, compassion and empathy … keeping healthy and fit …. balancing work and leisure … unplugging …. reading and growing (intellectually, not physically!) … Continue reading

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PD: If it’s important …

Our secondary school curriculum team had a huge planning session today: tomorrow we begin a big drive on assessment as part of rolling out the IB MYP Next Chapter. We were looking at our presentation, which included a slide quoting … Continue reading

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Don’t let this happen again.

I was fortunate to have an amazing experience today. That is one feature of my new role as an associate principal: I get to see the highlights of school life. Our history teacher had arranged for a guest speaker today. … Continue reading

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Leading faculty: Adding depth

I have a new colleague this year, who has come in from another school.  She is much more experienced than me, and I am fortunate to be in the position that I can lap up so much knowledge and experience … Continue reading

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Student citizenship: Leading by example is the essence of integrity

As stated by our Headmaster, Mr Condon, in his recent blog post, one of our school goals this year is the promotion of student citizenship.  As Mr Condon pointed out, there are three aspects of this goal: behavior in school, … Continue reading

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Claim, Support, Question with lower ability classes

After using the Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate thinking routine, from Making Thinking Visible, as a review exercise for my IB Mathematical Studies Students, I decided to introduce the new unit with the Claim, Support, Question routine. This fitted in well with what we … Continue reading

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