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The Perfect Unit Planner

When I recently attended the PTC “Curriculum Leadership in the International School” my burning question was “How can we get teachers to enjoy and see the value in unit planning?” Whilst unit planning is a necessity, often teachers don’t see … Continue reading

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Beyond Blogging

I am offering a PD session based on the recent #BeyondBlogging workshop I attended in Yokohama, extremely capably run by Rebekah Madrid (@ndbekah) & Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher). I have wanted to take the time to pen my thoughts from the … Continue reading

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Important to me

… quality time with the family … learning new things in my job …. treating others with respect, compassion and empathy … keeping healthy and fit …. balancing work and leisure … unplugging …. reading and growing (intellectually, not physically!) … Continue reading

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Getting the most out of your guest speaker

Last week I hosted a guest speaker for the grade 9 and 10 students at our school.  The speaker was an alumnus of our school, having graduated in 2006, when she won the school’s service award.  She had recently volunteered … Continue reading

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Encouraging reflective teaching

The teacher supervision and evaluation process in our school involves observing teaching and learning through “walk-throughs” of approximately 10 minutes’ duration, and “informal observations” that last roughly 30 minutes.   All observations are unannounced. For all the teachers I supervise, I … Continue reading

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Core values

This year, our new head of school initiated school-wide teacher evaluation surveys to be completed by students. The questions were relevant, and I was mostly very happy with the students’ responses. There were two areas, where “sometimes” was the modal … Continue reading

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Logarithms before calculators

I set what I thought was a meaningful task for my grade 10 math students in which they were to perform a complex arithmetic calculation completely without the aid of a calculator. The task Students were required to invent a … Continue reading

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